Careful! 40s and 50s CAN BE SHARP!

By: Bob Schiessl


New time sharpeners may get a phone call from a customer they just did some work for with the complaint that the #40s and #50s blades are cutting the animals. That may scare you, but not to worry. The tool to fix it only costs $440.48, but the good news is that 99.9% of sharpeners already own it. It is the pink hone that comes with the Wolff’s Twice As Sharp machine. All kidding aside, you can buy the pink or white hone from Wolff for little or nothing, part #20601. Nebraska Blades also carries the Fish Hook Sharpener, which also removes the sharp tips resulting from repeated sharpening.


What you do is hone the tips of the blade just like you would file your fingernails. This will round off the square ends. A good place to test the blade is on the inside of your forearm. If it sticks you, do some more honing.


At Nebraska Blades, we hone every #40 or #50 blade that is sharpened. That way they never get too sharp on the ends of the teeth. Do not spend too much time on them, just a few seconds each. If we wait until they are sharp, it does take more time.


A belt sander or a grinding wheel will work as well, but you may take far too much off and ruin the blade. NEVER do them on your Clipper Honing Machines; you may cut a low spot on your plate, and you then will have problems sharpening blades in the future.