Instructions on How to Send in a Plate for Resurfacing

Believe it or not, this is something we get a lot of questions about on whether or not we resurface plates. Our answer is, “Yes, Of Course!” Depending on the time of year, we get nearly one to two plates in a day. So to help us out, please include your first and last name, business name, address and phone number inside the box so we are not always relying on the shipping label. (Who knows if the folks at the store that you dropped it off at spelled everything correctly.) Also, please include notes as far as if you have any special instructions or if you know you need to update your account information (i.e. address, credit card info., etc.).

When you take your plate into USPS, UPS or FedEx, do not forget to insure your plate! We always take the time to insure every plate we ship back to you because we know that plates are an investment. As far as packing your plate, use the original box that it came in (the one that says, “Save this box for resurfacing.”)  In many cases, when a plate is not shipped in the original plate box, it comes into us pretty beaten up, and we will repack it. Therefore, saving the original plate box will help cut down our costs and will in-turn keep your costs lower.

Many questions regarding plate resurfacing also include about how long you will be without your plate. For sharpener’s who have a steady customer base built, you may look into purchasing a second plate so you will not be without one for when it comes time to resurface your plate. You can typically expect to get your plate back within three weeks or less from the day you have shipped it out. We strive to get your plate back to you as soon as possible because we understand that your business relies on your plate.

We will resurface plates that are not Nebraska Blade plates, but we only guarantee the resurfacing of the Nebraska Blades plates. We know that we typically do not have any problems with Huff’s or Treyco. If it is any other brand, we would physically have to see the plate to know whether or not the resurfacing can be done.