The Scimech Flat Hone

Flat hone for sharpening convexing shears.

Convexing clamp that can sharpen both left handed shears and right handed shears with almost no adjustment to your equipment. Rotate through the entire face of the blade for a correct convexing and precise repeatable angle position. There is no weight on your hand since the clamp and shear rest on the arm and you merely rotate the blade. Some sharpening equipment that say their clamp mirrors free-hand sharpening. Free-hand sharpening can cause damage to the small nerves in the hand. Our clamp and equipment has been inspected by a noted hand surgeon and hand physiologist to be more ergonomic for the wrist. Both right handed and left handed sharpeners can use the clamp with ease. Any length shear can be sharpened and you can sharpen with the shears together (as recommended on most bevel and low-end shears) or apart.

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Price: $2,999.00

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