Is your plate single or double sided?
All of our plates are double sided.

What is the plate made out of?
The 10″ and 14″ plates are made of aluminum.

The 16″ and 21″ plates are made of cast aluminum.

How many blades can I sharpen on my plate?
Roughly 500-1000 on each side, however, everyone sharpens differently and there are many factors that change this number. The only true test is to use a straight edge to test the plate.

How do I do the straight-edge test?
You want to see if there are any low spots on the plate. While the machine is stopped, rub the straight edge in a straight line from the center of the plate to the outer edge. You should have a continuous line from the outside edge to the center hub. If there are gaps anywhere in this line, you have a low spot and your plate needs to be resurfaced. Further information can be found on Clipper Blade Sharpening DVD.

Does your machine sharpening hollow or flat blades?
Normally hollow, but a flat-grinding plate can be ordered.

Do you offer financing?

Do you offer training?
We offer one-on-one training in our shop for $475/day.

What is a test, or rubbing block?
It is a flat block of steel used to show you the grind pattern on your blade. When you have something that is hollow and you rub it on something that is flat, you are able to see the hollow grind. Without a FLAT rub block/test plate, you cannot see the grind pattern.

How fast can I sharpen blades?
The actual sharpening takes ten seconds. However, taking the blades apart, cleaning, demagnetizing, reassembly and testing will be more time consuming. Depending on your skill level, you should be able to sharpening 10-20 per hour. Two people working on this process can easily double the sharpening times.